Alfalfa syrup
General weakness, Mental Fatigue, Lack of Appetite and Convalescence

Alfalfa Syrup DBT
Sugar Free-Subtable for Diabetics General Weakness Support

Calculicon Syrup
Effective Support for Kidneys

Dige Aid Syrup
Gastric & Digestive Support

Fem Aid Syrup
Support for Female Climacteric Condition

Gripe Aid
Support for Wind & Gripe in Infants & Children

Herbo Vit Syrup
Restorative Tonic for All Ages

Liv Aid De-Tox
Effective Support for Toxic Liver

Koffclear Syrup
Support for Cough & Catarrhal Condition

Iron Plus Syrup
Support for Iron Deficiency

Mineral Aid Syrup
Support for Healthy Bones Tones up the Nerves & Circulatino

Power Up Syrup
Vitality & Vertility Support for Man & Womens Personal Health