Jaborandi: It is an herbal plant which grows in Amazonian tropical forests. The Jaborandi plant has a distinct greyish green colored large sized leaves that are covered with many minute oil secreting glands on the lamina. The surface of the lamina appears to be sprinkled with numerous translucent dots. Every individual dot on the surface of the leaf is gland that exudes an oil rich in alkaloid compounds. The harvesting of Jaborandi leaves is just for the sake of getting this oil which is used in medication. Jaborandi helps in treating baldness and helps in preventing premature greying of hair.

Benefits of Jaborandi Hair Oil:

It is excellent for removing dandruff.

It helps in hair growth. By massaging this oil in your hair, blood circulation improves which in turn strengthens your hair roots, prevents breakage and stimulates hair growth.

It relaxes your brain.

It improves dry scalp. Oiling regularly helps in making the dry scalp moist.

Well, can’t say much about its claim of prevention from premature greying of hair as I have not yet experienced. But having jaborandi and anica as its ingredients, I am sure it solves this problem as well.